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Indiana Divorce Blog: Timeline for Finalizing a Divorce

Indiana Divorce Blog: Timeline for Finalizing a Divorce

How Quickly Can I Get a Divorce in Indiana? 

You’ve finally made the decision. One of the biggest decisions you’ll probably ever have to make. You’ve decided to end your marriage and file for divorce.  For many, it was beyond tough, especially if a child or children are involved.  As a result, it’s probably taken you awhile to finally get here.  And then there are some of you that maybe it wasn’t so difficult of a decision to make. Nonetheless, however short or long it finally took for you to make it here, you’ve finally arrived at either a decision that you are ready to proceed forward and petition for a divorce or you’ve finally gotten the courage to start researching what it takes to get a divorce in Indiana so that you can understand all of your options. 

One of the first questions we hear is how long the divorce process takes in Indiana?  How quickly can you sever ties and move on?  What will it take to get in and get out?  After all, whether you have children or none at all, you want to make a clean break in the smoothest and most equitable way possible and move on with your lives.  So, what’s that time period for securing a divorce in Indiana?  In Indiana, after a petition for dissolution of marriage is filed, the minimum wait time is 60 days.  This means that at a minimum, at least 60 days must pass before an Indiana court may enter a dissolution decree that indicates to the court that the parties are waiving the final hearing.  In addition to that waiver of the final hearing, there must also either be a written agreement that settles any and all contested issues or a statement indicating that there are no contested issues. However, that doesn’t mean that every case will be resolved in 60 days. Many cases can take months to resolve, depending on whether child support or custody issues need to be resolved or if there are contested property division issues. Find more information on divorce, child support, child custody, and family law can be found on our site. 

If you are in Indiana and believe you are ready to make that decision and discuss your options for divorce, call Chambers Law today for a consultation!


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