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Family Law

Indianapolis Child Support and Custody Attorney


Child custody lawyer IndianapolisWhether you are considering filing for divorce or need to modify a child support order, Chambers Law Office can help. Dealing with sensitive family matters can be difficult, and that is why Julie Chambers will take the time sit with you and discuss your case in detail so that she can truly understand your concerns and goals. Family law proceedings can be taxing, emotionally and financially, and at Chambers Law Office, we will be there to walk you through the system and help ease your concerns along the way. We also take a collaborative approach whenever possible, to identify areas where both parties can agree to save you time and money.


Chambers Law Office works with clients who need to modify child support, parenting time, custody or establish paternity, along with various other family law matters. In Indiana, if a parent wishes to modify child support, he or she must show that there has been a substantial and continuing change in circumstances or that at least twelve (12) months have passed since last modified and the amount of support differs from the guidelines by at least 20%. (see If you find yourself unable to keep up with your child support obligations, Chambers Law Office may be able to help.


In addition to child support, Chambers Law Office works with clients to modify custody and parenting time agreements, file petitions to terminate child support when a child age limits, and establish paternity. You can find more information about these family law matters, including Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and Indiana Child Support Guidelines at and


If you have  questions regarding a family law issue, contact Julie Chambers today to schedule a consultation.


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