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Drug Charges

Indianapolis Drug Charges Lawyer (Misdemeanors & Felonies)


Drug charges are very serious and if you find yourself being investigated or accused of a drug offense, you need a lawyer who will defend your rights vigorously. As a former deputy prosecutor, Julie Chambers has experience both prosecuting and defending drug cases, experience she can bring to her clients’ cases in preparing a defense for trial or negotiating a plea.


Facing charges for a drug crime can be frightening, and you may be facing a lengthy prison sentence, probation, and expensive fines and costs, along with the possible loss of job opportunities or housing, the inability to obtain federal financial aid, driver’s license suspension or immigration consequences if you are not a U.S. citizen. You need a lawyer who will vigorously defend your case and understands how the system works.


If you have been accused of a drug offense, the first thing your lawyer might do is look for any possible defenses. Was it actually the client? Was the substance tested properly? Was there actual or constructive possession? Can the state prove possession? Did the client have a valid prescription? Was the client searched? Was the search valid? Were there any constitutional violations that can be used to contest the search and/or arrest? These are some of the issues that should be reviewed to find the weak spots in the state’s case to possibly have the charges dismissed or minimize the penalties.


Additionally, many drug cases start from traffic stops. For example, a person might be stopped for speeding and the officer states that he smells marijuana or asks for permission to search the car and then discovers drugs or paraphernalia in the vehicle. However, in Indiana, a police officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop a car, such as observing a traffic infraction and the officer must have a legal basis to search a car, such as probable cause (such as smelling burnt marijuana), obtaining proper consent to search or after a defendant is arrested as part of a valid inventory search. However, many times, officers search vehicles illegally, and if a vehicle is stopped or searched in violation of state or federal laws and drugs are discovered, those drugs (evidence) may be suppressed, possibly leading to a dismissal or reduction in penalties.


Attorney Julie Chambers focuses the majority of her practice on criminal defense, including drug charges, and she will take the time to meet with you to make sure you understand the charges against you and all of your possible options, listening to your concerns, understanding your goals, and answering all of your questions throughout the case.


If you or a family member are facing drug charges, Chambers Law Office can help. Attorney Julie Chambers represents clients throughout central Indiana, including Marion County (Indianapolis), Hamilton County, Hancock County, Johnson County, Carmel City Court, Greenwood City Court and Franklin City Court. Call today to speak with a lawyer!


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