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Welcome to Chambers Law Office, LLC – Criminal Defense and Traffic Law

Indianapolis Criminal LawyerChambers Law Office, LLC is a criminal defense and traffic law firm serving clients in Indianapolis and throughout central Indiana. Founded by Julie Chambers, a former Marion County deputy prosecutor, she is committed to providing personal and affordable criminal defense and traffic law representation to every client.

Based in Indianapolis, Attorney Julie Chambers focuses her practice on criminal defense, traffic law and family law. She represents clients in many types of cases, including drug charges, possession of marijuana, theft, OVWI/DUI, Driving While License Suspended, battery, domestic battery, alcohol offenses, resisting law enforcementtraffic tickets, hardship license/specialized driving privilege petitions, expungements and child support modifications.

Whether you have been accused of a criminal offense, cited for a traffic ticket or need to modify child support, the court process can be intimidating. You need a lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and also take the time to make sure you understand each step of the process. At Chambers Law Office, we will always be available to address your concerns and answer your questions. If you are facing criminal charges or a traffic ticket, have a driver’s license suspension to resolve or have questions about child support or parenting time, call today to speak with a lawyer!

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Attorney Julie Chambers

Julie-headshotJulie Chambers is a former Marion County deputy prosecutor, giving her unique experience that she brings to every case. She is dedicated to providing personal, affordable criminal defense and traffic law representation to every client. If you or loved one needs representation on a criminal or traffic matter, turn to Chambers Law Office to help.  Learn more about Julie.

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Attorney Julie Chambers has experience handling a wide range of cases, including Possession of Marijuana, Operating While Intoxicated (DUI/OVWI), Theft, Battery, Domestic Battery, Drug Charges, Expungements, AMS petitions, traffic tickets and driver’s license suspensions. As a criminal defense and traffic law attorney based in Indianapolis, she serves clients throughout Central Indiana, including Marion, Hamilton, Hancock and Johnson counties. Learn more.

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