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Indiana Lemon Law

Indiana Lemon Law Attorney – Here to Help with Your Lemon!


Indiana lemon law

Chambers Law Office helps clients who have purchased or leased a new car that turns out to be a lemon. Our Indiana lemon law attorney, Katie Kawiecki, is experienced in dealing with car manufacturers to get compensation for our clients who have unknowingly purchased a lemon. If you need help dealing with your lemon and moving past the frustration of dealing with the mechanics and manufacturers, call Chambers Law Office!


Have you recently purchased or leased a new vehicle within the last few years from a manufacture dealership in Indiana that offered you a bumper to bumper warranty? After purchasing or leasing that vehicle, did you start experiencing problems with your vehicle?  Did you have to take your vehicle to that same dealership or another authorized manufacturer dealership to be repaired under the warranty? It’s probably no accident you’ve found yourself Googling everything under the sun in an attempt to understand what the heck is going on why it’s happening to you.


  • Did you start experiencing the problem(s) within the first 18 months of purchase or lease of your brand-new vehicle or the first 18,000 miles?
  • Did you report the problem(s) you experienced to an authorized manufacture dealership?
  • Despite attempts by the dealership to fix your vehicle, have you experienced the same problem multiple times and the problem still persists to no avail?
  • Were there attempts to fix your vehicle at least 4 different times?
  • If the car hasn’t been fixed at least 4 times, has the dealership had your vehicle in the shop for at least 31 days?


You can find more information on Indiana lemon law statutes and laws HERE.


If you find yourself nodding your head up and down or proclaiming an exasperated “yes” to all the above, your vehicle may qualify as a lemon under the Indiana Lemon Law. Chambers Law Office may be able to help! Submit your information or call Chambers Law Office now for a free consultation with an experienced Indiana lemon law attorney!

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