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Lemon Law Attorney Fee Arrangements

Indiana lemon law

Lemon Law Attorney Fee Arrangements

How Does a Lemon Law Attorney Get Paid?

So you bought a new car and recently discovered it’s a lemon. You need help from a lemon law attorney, but you don’t have money to pay a lawyer. Can you still get help? In most cases…YES!

At Chambers Law Office (and at most law firms) lemon law attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. That means that instead of you paying the attorney up-front, the attorney agrees to take a percentage of the money you end up getting back from the car manufacturer, usually 30%-40% of the total fee collected.

This type of fee arrangement allows you to get the help you need from a lemon law attorney without having to come up with funds at the outset (which can be difficult if you’ve been dealing with a lemon you just bought).

At Chambers Law Office, our lemon law attorney, Katie Kawiecki, helps clients throughout Indiana who need help suing a vehicle manufacturer after discovering they bought a lemon. She has experience in dealing with car and RV manufacturers and helps clients get the money they deserve.

Finding out you ended up with a lemon after buying what you thought was a brand new, perfect car can be frustrating. But being able to hire a lemon law attorney to fight for you without having to come up with thousands of dollars up front can be a huge relief. Lemon law cases can be complicated, and it’s important to have someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of the legal process.

If you bought a new car and it’s been in and out the dealership and they can’t seem to fix it, you may have a claim under the Indiana Lemon Law. Call Chambers Law Office to discuss your case with an experienced Lemon Law attorney!

Find out more about Indiana lemon laws here: https://www.defendindy.com/indiana-lemon-law-attorneys

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