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Parenting Time and Holiday Schedules

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Parenting Time and Holiday Schedules

It’s My Party and I Want My Child There…Can My Child’s Other Parent Prevent It?


It’s another year and another celebration with cake and presents. Your birthday or that precious day that marks the celebration of you becoming a parent: Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It’s all a joyous and momentous day to be honored and you want your children to celebrate with you.   But legally, in Indiana, can you ask that of the person you co-parent with? Can you modify parenting time and holiday schedules?

In Indiana, as each holiday approaches, either your birthday, the co-parent’s birthday, or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, unless otherwise agreed to, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines specifically address these “special days.”

  • Custodial / Non-Custodial Parent’s Birthday

Every year, on the either the Custodial or Non-Custodial Parent’s birthday, the parent should have child/children from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM UNLESS that parent’s birthday falls on a school day/night, then from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM.

  • Mother’s Day Weekend

Every year, on Mother’s Day weekend, the child/children celebrate and honor the mother from Friday beginning at 6:00 PM until Sunday at 6:00 PM.

  • Father’s Day Weekend

Every year, on Father’s Day weekend, the child/children celebrate and honor the father from Friday beginning at 6:00 PM until Sunday at 6:00 PM.

Typically, most parenting time schedules follow the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. However, in some cases, an agreement can deviate from those guidelines if the court finds it is in the child’s best interest. For these types of special holidays, it would be common, though, to follow the guidelines so each parent can celebrate these special days with their children.

Indianapolis Custody and Parenting Time Attorneys

If you have questions about scheduling parenting time and holiday schedules around birthdays and other special holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Chambers Law Office can help. Our experienced family law attorneys can assist with parenting time conflicts, scheduling modifications, and custody petitions. Call us today at 317-450-2971 to schedule a consultation.

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