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Indiana Lemon Law Vehicle Types

Indiana Lemon Law Vehicle Types

What Vehicles Qualify Under Indiana Lemon Law?


Under the Indiana Lemon Law, motor vehicles are specifically defined.  In order for a motor vehicle to qualify, the vehicle must first have a gross weight less than 10,000 pounds and is sold to either a buyer who resides in Indiana and registers the vehicle in Indiana or a buyer in Indiana who is a non-resident. In addition, the motor vehicle must be intended primarily for use and operation on public highways and required to be registered or licensed before use or operation.  In general, motor vehicles are referring to your everyday car or SUV.

What the Indiana Lemon Law specifically disqualifies as a motor vehicle includes recreational vehicles, conversion vans, agriculture equipment, construction equipment, semis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and any other vehicle designed to be primarily for off-road use.

So what does that mean for you if you purchased or lease an off-road vehicle or another type of vehicle not specifically included in the Lemon Law?  Are you left with no recourse in Indiana?  NOT necessarily.  If  your vehicle is not covered under the Indiana Lemon Law, you may have recourse under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act which is applicable in Indiana.

If you think you have a lemon law claim or have questions about your lemon, call today for a free consultation to find out your options!

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