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Indiana Lemon Law Blog: Is Your Car a Lemon Yet?

Indiana Lemon Law Blog: Is Your Car a Lemon Yet?

How Many Times Do You Have to Fix Your Car Before It’s a Lemon? 

So, you’ve been to the dealership to what feels like the millionth time trying to get your vehicle to work the way it’s supposed to, and you’ve just walked out of the dealership yet again frustrated, but with a sliver of optimism that maybe just this time, the problem won’t reoccur.  It feels like you’ve been to the dealership so many times that you are now on a first name basis with everyone there!  You want to throw your hands up and rid yourself of the vehicle that once was a dream but has now begun to haunt you every minute of the day.  Is it going to start?  Will I make it home?  Why won’t it just work the way it’s supposed to?  You get home or you pull out your phone and you start researching “is my car a lemon?” or “I think I bought a lemon, what do I do?”  And as your internet ticks along, you have to be wondering…is there really actually any help out there for me? Does my car fall under Indiana’s lemon law? Maybe.  Maybe not.  That dreaded uncertainty.  Now, before you explode, the answer is…wait for it…it depends.

 In Indiana, the laws that govern these types of problems with brand new vehicles are commonly referred to as “lemon laws”.  In Indiana, the law is very clear about how many opportunities or attempts you must give an authorized dealership before you might have a lemon law claim.  That number is…4.  The magic number in Indiana is 4 attempts to fix the problem.   It may now seem reasonable to have to take your car in to the dealership four times, but that’s the number of attempts that Indiana requires before you may be covered by the lemon law.

While generally four is the magic number of attempts in Indiana, you might fall into the other category: days out of service.  What does that mean?  If and only if your vehicle was out of service and with the authorized dealership for more than 30 days, you might possibly have a lemon law claim.  It can happen, so if you are someone who took your vehicle once and that authorized dealership had possession of your vehicle for more than 30 days, immediately contact a licensed attorney in Indiana who specializes in lemon law to find out if you and your vehicle are protected under the Indiana Lemon Laws.

 Just remember, the number of attempts or days out of service is just one of the many parts of the Indiana Lemon Laws and you have to meet all of the requirements before you might qualify.  If you have questions about your lemon and whether you may have a claim under Indiana’s lemon law, call Chambers Law Office today for a free consultation!


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