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Indianapolis Criminal Law Blog: Can Criminal Attorneys Offer Guarantees?

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Indianapolis Criminal Law Blog: Can Criminal Attorneys Offer Guarantees?

Why an Attorney Should Never Promise an Outcome

As a criminal defense law firm, we receive calls everyday from potential clients who need to hire an attorney. One question we are asked all the time is whether we can guarantee an outcome. Can we promise they won’t go to jail? Can we guarantee that we can get their criminal record expunged? Can we promise to get their traffic ticket dismissed. Can criminal attorneys offer guarantees? 

Unfortunately, the answer that most people don’t want to hear but that we almost always have to give is…NO. 

No, we can’t promise to get your ticket dismissed or your case expunged or your sentence reduced. Why shouldn’t attorneys be making guarantees? Because every case is different and there are always issues in every case that the attorney just can’t control. 

What Should You Do if an Attorney Makes You a Guarantee? 

If you are in the market to hire an attorney, you will most likely speak with at least a few attorneys. If an attorney does make a promise or guarantees a specific outcome, you should tread lightly. Ask questions such as how can they make such a guarantee? What issues might arise in the case? What things might go wrong? What facts help you? And what will they do to prepare and argue your case? Don’t take their word for it. Because at the end of the day, no one can see into the future. Unfortunately, we often receive calls from potential clients who hired a lawyer after that attorney made them a guarantee, only to learn later that the attorney wasn’t prepared to handle the case and things just got worse. As with anything in this world, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

However, there is nothing wrong with an attorney telling you, generally, what MIGHT happen in your case or give their opinion on your chance of success. That’s what attorneys do in evaluating cases. If the attorney is experienced, they should be able to get some information about your situation and give you a general idea of what to expect in the process, what issues might arise, and how they might deal with those issues. 

How to Hire a Lawyer the Right Way

At Chambers Law Office, we know it can be scary to hire an attorney. Many times a potential client comes to us in the worst moment of their life and has to trust us from the start. And that’s why we will always take the time to discuss your case, explain your options and answer your questions. Even though we might not be able to promise a specific outcome, we want to make sure you are involved in the process and feel confident when you hire our firm. 

Julie Chambers is a former deputy prosecutor who has handled everything from traffic tickets to misdemeanors and felonies to criminal expungement petitions. She takes pride in providing personal service to her clients, making sure they understand each step of the process. 

If you have questions about a criminal matter, expungement petition, or traffic issue, contact Chambers Law Office today at 317-450-2971. 

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