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Lemon Law Documents to Maintain

Documents Needed to Pursue a Lemon Law Claim


When pursuing a lemon law claim, there are some important documents your attorney may need in order to move forward with a claim on your behalf. Whether you think you have met the criteria for a lemon law claim already or you’re still in the process of building a case because you haven’t fully met the criteria for a “ripe” lemon law case, there are certain documents that are important to collect and maintain to assist your attorney.


Some of the most important lemon law documents you should collect in order to properly document your case in order to pursue a claim include:

  • Copy of your purchase agreement for your vehicle;
  • Copy of your financing agreement for your vehicle, if applicable;
  • Copies of any/all repair orders provided to you by the dealership that attempted to repair your vehicle;
  • Copy of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) registration for your vehicle;
  • Copies of any receipts for rental vehicle(s) that you paid out of pocket and weren’t previously reimbursed by a dealership;
  • Any video and/or audio recording(s) documenting the problem(s) you complained about to the authorized dealership(s);
  • List of any witnesses that may have observed/experienced the problem(s) you complained about to an authorized dealership(s);
  • Any other documentation you created or have in your possession regarding any/all problem(s) you complained about to an authorized dealership(s).


While you don’t necessarily need all of these documents in order to pursue a lemon law claim, the more evidence your attorney has to back up the claim and prove the issues that you had with the vehicle, the faster the process will move along.


If you are ready to speak with an experienced attorney about your lemon, call Chambers Law Office to schedule a consultation or speak with an attorney. Attorney Katie Kawiecki is an experienced lemon law attorney and is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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