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Indiana Hardship License for Work

Indiana hardship license for work

Indiana Hardship License – Getting a Driver’s License for Work & Family If your Indiana driving privileges have been suspended, you know how difficult it can be to get to and from work and take care of your family obligations. Luckily, Indiana passed a new law that can get you back on the road, legally, even […]

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Possession of Marijuana in Indiana

Marijuana Conditional Discharge & possession of marijuana in Indiana

Indianapolis Criminal Attorney – Possession of Marijuana in Indiana  If you have been accused of possession of marijuana in Indiana, you probably have many questions about the criminal process and what might happen in your case. This blog post will review the basic charges of possession of marijuana, the criminal process and possible outcomes. After the […]

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Criminal Charges in Johnson County

Johnson County criminal charges Indianapolis attorney

Criminal Charges in Johnson County: Superior, Circuit and City Courts If you are facing criminal charges in Johnson County, you may have questions about the criminal process and what to expect in your case. While every criminal case is different, this blog post will review the organization of the criminal courts in Johnson County, where your […]

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Indiana Insurance Suspensions

Driver's License Suspension by BMV & Indiana Insurance Suspensions

Indiana Insurance Suspensions from the BMV In Indiana, under certain circumstances, the Indiana BMV can request proof of insurance from a driver. If the driver does not provide proof of insurance by the deadline, the BMV will suspend the person’s driving privileges. In other cases, a court can suspend a person’s driving privileges for not […]

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Vehicle Searches in Indiana

Traffic Stop Driving While License Suspended and vehicle searches

Vehicle Searches – What’s Legal?  Many clients come to Chambers Law Office with questions about vehicle searches and drug charges. Maybe they were stopped and the officer claimed to smell marijuana, or maybe they consented to a search and the officer found a joint. No matter the situation, there are always a lot of questions […]

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Indiana Search and Seizure Laws

search and seizure laws indiana

Search and Seizure Rules in Indiana Criminal Law Nearly everyone has heard of Miranda warnings, but not everyone understands exactly what they mean or that there are other important cases pertaining to Indiana search and seizure law. This blog will review three of the most important search and seizure cases in Indiana, Miranda, Pirtle and Gant. Miranda […]

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